• EV batteries have a significant environmental cost.
  • Recycling them has its own set of human and environmental problems.
  • The bigger problem is that we still insist on using cars for everything. 

Source: Why Electric Car Batteries Are a Problem In More Ways Than One

(This article views battery technology as a steady state that will not evolve to better solutions.)

The real problem is that we have built some societies around individual vehicles for both extended and short-distance use. Those vehicles are far too big, a hangover from the plentiful energy of cheap gasoline. Long-distance journeys are best made on electric trains that don’t run on batteries, while shorter trips can be made by bike or public city transport—again, all of which can be battery-free.

The solution is everyone must be forced into high rise apartments living in dense urban utopian cities served by government run rail services. The freedom to travel must be banned. The latter is already proposed by several groups, including a ban on air travel. They are smarter than you and know what is best for you.