Source: Snowfall Tracker Lake Tahoe | Palisades Tahoe

One of the problems for the media is they have turned every weather’ish event, everywhere in the world, into “proof of human caused catastrophic climate change”.

I’ve seen every one of these examples in the media:

  • High winds? Climate change.
  • Heavy rains? Climate change.
  • Drought? Climate change.
  • Little snow? Climate change.
  • Heavy snow? Climate change
  • Hurricanes? Climate change.
  • Fewer hurricanes? Climate change.
  • Hot weather? Climate change.
  • Cold weather? Climate change.
  • Wild land fires? Climate change (too dry)
  • Wild land fires? Climate change because it was wet, plants grew, increasing the fuel load.
  • Airplane turbulence? Climate change.
  • Flight canceled? Climate change.
  • Earthquakes. Climate change is causing glacial melt causing the land mass to rise.
  • Volcanic eruptions? Climate change.
  • Atoll erosion caused by human activities like land clearing and construction. Climate change.
  • Poor crops this year? Climate change.
  • Bountiful crops this year? Climate change.

When everything is climate change, it becomes awkward when normal events veer away from the warming world meme. The media has really messed up climate communications.

Must be climate change: