Twitter rigged the Covid debate (Free Press news story)

Twitter thread as reporter made initial release:

Kind of hard to believe anything or anyone anymore. 100% of what most of us see is selectively reported, edited, hidden, then curated, promoted, de-emphasized, censored as part of someone’s propaganda campaign. The purpose of propaganda messaging is to encourage a group to adopt someone else’s agenda.

Most of the censorship was done by AI bots and overseas staff that had no expertise in the subject they were moderating and censoring. Governments worldwide, including the US and the EU, were demanding that social media companies take down posts they didn’t like.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are today’s information gate keepers. When I distributed screen shots of outrageously high priced ACA insurance price quotes in Nov 2018, my account on Twitter was shadow banned. Jack Dorsey then lied before Congress saying they did not shadow ban. Yet I merely shared US government official price quotes, with a link to the government web page source.

What Twitter did, at the direction of governments, caused actual harm to people. But no one will be held accountable. The governments, the social media platforms and the technocratic elite have devolved into authoritarian tyrants – democracy is officially dead when the elite control the information flow. Dead. Deceased. No more.

I am not in the best of moods this morning: I will never listen to public health or epidemiologists again. The loss of trust in public health extends beyond public health. I am now questioning whether I have been severely manipulated on climate change. This is a natural outfall of the destruction wrought by public health and the technocratic elite.

How the experts respond:

…. in favor of censorship …:

And right out of the gate John E. Canuck, MD censors who can leave feedback on his nonsense:

They need to listen and stop telling but instead we get this, unaware that official government misinformation led to me being denied access to health care for ten weeks when I had a broken foot. They relied on experts who were wrong – but because they had prestigious titles, the right initials after their name, and their Blue Check – their falsehoods were treated as gospel. Literally, religious gospel. Even thought they were subsequently proven wrong.

We are deep into rule by arrogant, technocratic elite sociopaths.

Dr Canuck is the problem, not misinformation. How can anyone trust an “expert” who favors censorship by an elite cabal of people who have been wrong about much? How will Dr Canuck feel about censorship when he becomes the target?

The experts only care about preserving their power over others. Let us not give in to their arrogant bull shit.

It is very disturbing that so many, and especially “liberals”, now favor censorship by the technocratic elite. What on earth are they thinking?

Coldstreams Skeptic