These safety features open new opportunities to deploy robotic automation systems, side by side with human workers, so each can do what they do best:

“The introduction of cobots with motion sensors has made it possible to safely work alongside humans,” said Jamie Bobyk, marketing manager, Apex Motion Control. “Unlike large stationary robotic systems that move very fast, need to be caged or guarded, and require a certain amount of floorspace, cobots move much slower and less aggressively with the added benefit of mobility; they can be moved station to station as needed.”Apex Motion’s Baker-Bots, for example, can sense when a human is approaching within a certain field of vision and slow its arm movement to a stop. The Baker-Bot won’t start again until the person has safely left the area, enabling humans and robotics to mingle on a production room floor.

Source: Sophisticated robots make packaging automation possible | Baking Business

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