Why mitigations and lockdowns were mostly useless:

For more than two years I basically lived like a hermit to avoid just this scenario. Sure, after getting vaxxed and boosted I didn’t think COVID would kill me. But I don’t exactly have a gold medal immune system; even a common cold gives me a rough time. I imagined COVID would lay me out with symptoms that could drag on for weeks or possibly months. So I stayed away from the office, indoor gatherings and restaurants. The gym? No thanks. Fifteen extra pounds was worth it to avoid getting sick.

Source: Omicron got me after 2 years as a COVID hermit. Then, doctors made it worse

Everyone eventually gets Covid in spite of attempts at protective measures. Pandemics typically last 1 to 3 years and end through immunity (acquired by disease or vaccination or both) or a mutation of the virus to a less virulent form. You cannot mitigate your way to a pandemic end using lossy/leaky mitigation measures – no measures are 100% full proof, and most are not even close. You’d have to 100% effective masks, 24×7 the rest of your life. At best, they delay the inevitable…since the disease also exists in animals.

Indeed, a host of “experts” who “did beyond everything right” eventually got Covid, as has most of the U.S. population. Why do we think us mere amateurs would so how do better? (Click on image for full size version)

By EdwardM