The National Academy of Sciences has barred Jane Lubchenco, a key White House climate aide, from involvement in NAS publications and activities for five years for violating its code of conduct before joining the administration, the organization said.

Why it matters: The move represents a significant rebuke to Lubchenco, who is deputy director for climate and environment at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

White House climate official sanctioned by key science body (

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She edited the PNAS paper – which was co-written by her brother-in-law, who was also a former PhD student of hers. The 2010 paper, published in PNAS, was retracted last fall due to its use of out-of-date data for analysis.

  • She continues as the White House advisor on climate.
  • She is in charge of crafting integrity in science initiatives in the Federal government. (Try not to laugh!)
  • She was previously the head of NOAA

She is highly qualified but this ethical lapse – a big one – is not a positive for credibility in her position or science.

By EdwardM