Vaccinated and masked college students had virtually no chance of catching Covid-19 in the classroom last fall, according to a sweeping study of 33,000 Boston University students that bolsters standard prevention measures.

Source: Masked, Vaccinated Students Didn’t Catch Covid in Classrooms

No control group, based on self-reported contacts and attempts to do contact tracing (they’ve already given up on contact tracing for monkeypox in San Francisco because it was not working).

And do they realize what this means?

However, genome analysis of coronavirus samples from the groups showed that all of them more likely were infected in other places.

Everyone has had Covid, has Covid or will have Covid. If your mitigations work (and we do not know from this study if they did because there was no control group or even an attempt to match up to other campuses that lacked mitigations) all you’ve done is delay by a short time – because no one wears a 100% effective masks, 100% of the time. Eventually you get Covid.

That stuff like this gets published has caused me to lose all confidence in The Sciencetm on all subjects.

Update: Another study found “masks in schools work”, out of Massachusetts. Except for a fatal study defect, resulting in useless conclusions. By policy, the schools that required masks did not test students who wore masks, only those at the school that were unmasked. Thus, thet did not catch the cases of Covid in those wearing masks, and then compared that to the unmasked group, who were tested. Garbage science.