People who suffer from sleep disorders[1] probably not welcome in the executive suites:

Specifically, here are the survey’s most popular wake-up times:

6 a.m. (37% of respondents)

5 a.m. (27%)

7 a.m. (22%)

8 a.m. (5%)

4 a.m. or earlier (5%)

Source: What time successful CEOs wake up in the morning: Inc. magazine survey

[1] I had six traumatic brain injuries including a 5″ long skull fracture. For over 3 decades I suffered from challenging sleep issues due to untreated TBI. No professional health care provider ever mentioned “TBI” to me. Seriously. Once treated late in life, I was finally able to do much better! I mention this to point out I am not trying to be rude to people with sleep disorders – I’ve been there for most of my life. And it is a reality that those with untreated sleep issues are unlikely to be able to hold many types of jobs.