Kids in the US typically get vaccinated against 16 diseases by the time they’re grown. Protection ranges from 6 months to life long.

Source: Which Vaccines Did I Get As a Kid? Polio, Measles, Tetanus and 13 More

I had polio and smallpox vaccinations. That’s all.

I had measles, mumps and chicken pox as a kid.

In the past 30 months I have worked to catch up on all the missing vaccinations.

A serology test showed I never had rubella (the R in MMR) so I had an MMR shot. I also had two shots of Shingrix (to avoid shingles), 3 shots for Covid-19, two shots for influenza, and three shots for Hepatitis A and B. That’s 11 vaccinations in the past 30 months. Oddly enough, I also had actual hepatitis after two shots of the Hep A+B vaccine; however, testing indicated it was “non Hep A/non B/non C”, thus we have no idea what it was.

This fall I will catch up with the pneumonia vaccine when I gt an influenza shot. But I’m not quite done.

Do I get another Covid booster? I am 3x vaxxed and have also had Covid. Seems unlikely that I need yet another “booster”.

In 2023 I am also due for a tetanus booster – the Tdap shot. Then, finally, I will be caught up.

I did not avoid getting vaccinated – I never knew and no health care professional ever mentioned all these until I asked my current doctor.

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