May 24, 2022:

Forecast for monkeypox case growth to 300 million by end of June 2022 and everyone on the planet in July of 2022.

June 28, 2022:

Monkeypox case count rises to more than 3,400 globally, WHO says | Reuters (as of June 27, 2022)

July 15, 2022

Total global cases are now at 11,000 says WHO.

Predictor’s Background

He is a member of the “World Health Network”, which is an activist group with a name that sounds like the World Health Organization: see World Health Network

WHN continues to advocate for essentially “ZeroCovid” policies that would keep millions locked up for months, and most wearing N95 masks 24×7 for the remainder of our lives (since Covid will be with us forever). Their business appears to be to maintain a high level of fear and hysteria. But what do I know?

WHO is the only organization tasked with designating a disease outbreak as a pandemic.

One day after the above WHN, WHO held an Emergency Committee meeting to consider the monkeypox outbreak. At this time, WHO said it does not constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, which is far down the list from a pandemic.

Outcomes of the Emergency Committee

The International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee met on 23 June 2022 regarding the multi-country monkeypox outbreak to advise the WHO Director-General on whether it constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). The committee advised the WHO Director-General that the outbreak should not constitute a PHEIC at this stage, however, the Committee acknowledged the emergency nature of the event and that controlling the further spread of this outbreak requires intense response efforts. They advised that the event should be closely monitored and reviewed after a few weeks, when additional information about the current unknowns (e.g., incubation period, the role of sexual transmission, etc.) become available, to determine if significant changes have occurred that may warrant a reconsideration of their advice.  

By EdwardM