August 5, 2021 Projection -> Cases to quadruple by October in Utah

Vaccination and masks are key to keeping children safe from COVID-19 as they return to school, Utah state epidemiologist Dr. Leisha Nolen told the State School Board meeting in Salt Lake City.

Source: Will COVID cases rise in fall? Utah’s may quadruple, school board told – Deseret News

What Actually Happened

Cases doubled, roughly, between August 5th and October. On average, the increase as about 50%, and not a factor of 4x, as projected. Yet again, disease models were a failure, as they always are. They are useless.

Furthermore, the state did not have a statewide mask rule. “Cases” did not rise as forecast. Because non-use of masks, works, or something … don’t even try to come up with a consistent, non-contradictory, coherent explanation for this.

By EdwardM