It was not the pandemic but the policies issued by public health officials who fixated on a single disease:

All children should be screened for anxiety starting as young as 8 years old, government-backed experts recommended, providing fresh guidance as doctors and parents warn of a worsening mental-health crisis among young people in the pandemic’s wake.

Source: Children as Young as 8 Should Be Screened for Anxiety, Experts Recommend – WSJ

Reminder – the public health asses in my state shut down all non life threatening health care, based on the projection of an unreliable fraudulent disease model from the arrogant Christopher Murray, MD, PhD at the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). I had to wait 13 weeks before getting a broke foot diagnosed – too late for treatment. Early today I was experiencing pain in the foot due to the effects of these fraudulent, arrogant assholes.

Today I visited an optician and a vision center. Because this retail store is declared a “health care facility” I have to wear a cloth facial covering into the store, and then promptly remove it for the optician to check eyeglass fit. Meanwhile, I can visit a CPA in exactly the same environmental situation and no face mask is required. This makes logical sense to who?

Last week I visited the dentist. I had to wear a face mask for the roughly 20 foot walk from the front door to the dental chair, where I then had to remove my mask. This makes logical sense to who?

There is no logic or evidence to anything done in public health – epidemiology is a fraudulent field of study. I won’t let up on that – my sore foot reminds me of their failures every day.

Coldstreams Skeptic