A UK study with data from 770,000 women over ten years found no association with handheld phone use of up to 7 to 10 hours per week, and brain tumors.

A decade ago, WHO and others in public health issued scary pronouncements that cell phones may cause brain cancer. Researchers now think this large study puts those fears to rest.

Source: Mobile phones don’t cause cancer as new study debunks myth – Mirror Online

Now do “lock downs” and NPIs? Sorry, but the past two years have caused me to lose faith in science and science advocacy. After upgrading my home insulation to R-60, installing solar PV on my roof (we are 100% solar PV powered), heating with locally sourced, renewable, carbon-neutral wood products, and installing a 220 outlet in my garage for a future EV – now I am skeptical of climate science pronouncements too. Given time, much science appears more like religious belief than evidence-based knowledge.