And then we see this:

Famed Russian pianist Boris Berezovsky has shocked the classical world after calling for pressure to be increased on Ukraine by cutting power to the capital Kyiv.

“I have a naive question… I understand that we take pity on them, that we do things delicately, but could we not stop caring about them, besiege them and cut off the electricity?” Berezovsky asked on a talk show on pro-Kremlin channel Pervy Kanal on March 10.

Source: Russian pianist calls for power to be cut to Kyiv

Last week, a Russian athlete wore a “Z” on his uniform, contrary to event rules, while standing next to the Ukrainian finisher in 2nd place.

I read Russian social media influencers who imply they are opposed to this “special operation” and want peace – but how do we know, at this point, that they too are part of a propaganda effort?

The background to the conflict is complex. Look in to the 2014 overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the Minsk Agreement, and the civil war that has been underway in the eastern provinces for eight years. Read up on Russia’s history, including the reasons for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and what happened to Russia in World War II.

The background is complex and there are grievances on all sides. But this brutal and inhumane warfare by Russia is not a solution, nor are Russia’s and Russian’s repeated lies.

How can we ever again have positive thoughts about Russia and Russians after their betrayal of our trust? This is a long-term economic disaster for the people of Russia – and a total disaster for the people of Ukraine.

CNN interviewed many POWs who spoke, CNN said, freely and apparently under no duress, against the Russia invasion, calling their actions against the Ukrainian people an act of pure terror. CNN reports that Russia bombed a bomb shelter, holding perhaps a thousand civilians (CNN cannot confirm the count but has confirmed the building was destroyed). Elsewhere, they gunned down people waiting in line for food.

Can we ever forgive Russia? Can we consider relations with Russia, Russian businesses or the people of Russia ever again? Putin attacked Ukraine but destroyed Russia.

I am studying world history and am saddened that nothing was ever learned from the past. The normal state of humanity is war and destructions and debasement of others. I have learned that during periods of peace and prosperity, we should embrace and engage in life to the maximum – never, ever postpone activities to a future that may never come.

Update: Russian Olympic gold medalist attends pro-war rally, is dropped by sponsors.

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