Hacked databases

Of 100 Russian databases that were analyzed, 92 had been compromised, said Fowler.

They belonged to retailers, Russian internet providers and intergovernmental websites, including the Commonwealth of Independent States, or CIS, an organization made up of Russia and other former Soviet nations that was created in 1991 following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Many CIS files were erased, hundreds of folders were renamed to “putin_stop_this_war” and email addresses and administrative credentials were exposed, said Fowler, who likened it to 2020’s malicious “MeowBot” attacks, which “had no purpose except for a malicious script that wiped out data and renamed all the files.”

Source: Anonymous declared a ‘cyber war’ against Russia. Here are the results

Have also read that hackers inside Belarus have similarly attacked their country’s infrastructure, with a report that the signaling system on the country’s main railway line had been disrupted.

By EdwardM