As you may know “experts” who previously told everyone to wear cloth facial coverings now say everyone – including children in school – should wear N95 respirator masks.

This is in direct contradiction to what they said recently regarding use of masks during wildfire smoke episodes. Click on image to see full size.

OSHA and NIH have never certified N95 or KN95 masks for use by children. No such mask exists.

The Sacramento County Department of Health Services Public Health Division says the public should not use N95 masks for smoke reduction because of risk of improper fit, should not be used by persons with certain medical conditions, risks of CO2 accumulation (yes, they say that), and that the CDC does not recommend use of N95 masks in home or community settings.

That document was from November 2018 and was live as of January 8, 2022 when this was recorded. I have saved a copy of the document and will post here if they delete it.

Source: BP Wildfire FAQs

The State of California, and NIH and OSHA and the CDC all state that persons with beards should not wear N95 masks – as the beard prevents the mask from sealing.

The Australia Open 2022 tennis tournament is being held in Melbourne, in Victoria. World tennis champion Novak Djokovic was denied entry into Australia with the government saying that he could only enter if he had been double vaccinated, which he has not been. He has stated that he recently had Covid-19 and was told by Australia Tennis that this is a valid medical exemption from the double vaccination requirement.

The government says this is not true – even though it is right on their own Victoria government web site

His lawyers say he tested positive in December and was granted a medical exemption and they say, they have legally filed documents that prove this. He received a visa from Australia and a document from the government that he met requirements for quarantine-free arrival. But the left and right arms of Australian bureaucracy are not linked together.

As seen above, public health communications is inconsistent, contradictory, confusing and incoherent.

If you, a member of the public is confused by this messaging, the experts say the problem is yours because you are too stupid. Literally.

By EdwardM