I made this chart on Nov 30th Dec 1st, and it is up to date as of that day. As of Dec 3, there are 38 countries with confirmed cases, plus 8 U.S. states which demonstrates the absurdity of the travel bans and testing regimes. It’s here and spreading already.

This is public health policy logic, and it has lost me. “Cases” have now been confirmed in the Netherlands prior to discovery in South Africa.

But which countries saw travel bans? This makes sense to whom?

Netherlands says they had “cases” of Omicron present in the Netherlands before South Africa discovered Omicron. Oops.

But public health sticks with their religious belief that travel restrictions work.

Pandemics end ONLY through immunity or the virus mutates to a less bad form. NPIs, if they do anything at all (and most do nothing), merely delay reaching the end point.


To Defeat New Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn’t Work The First Time | The Babylon Bee


As of Dec 2, we learned a MN resident tested positive for Omicron (also known as Moronic, it’s anagram) on Nov 22, 7 days before South Africa announced having found cases in SA. There is no report saying he had traveled from South Africa. This means it was already in the US well before the travel restrictions on southern Africa were put in place. We have yet to ban travel to/from Minnesota.

The resident of MN traveled to NYC where he attended an anime Con Nov 19-21 with 53,000 other people. Public health assures us it has suggested all 53,000 people get tested – TWO WEEKS afterwards. The Moronic variant is now spreading. Travel restrictions are useless. “Testing” will not stop the spread; it is a band-aide that gives people something to do. Public health is acting foolishly – their actions will do nothing.

By EdwardM