I started a new blog on travel topics – the layout, appearance and content is very different from this blog. You can check it out here:

Travel and Global Thinking – Travel and the global perspective

As the weird older adult who has not traveled, I am trying to figure out how to do this late in life, without the support structures in place that most travelers seem to have: traveling with family when young, studying abroad as part of a supported university program, working abroad, or just traveling.

My preference would be to “Just do it” – except random travel restrictions keep being thrown up, many extra costs have been piled on travelers (multiple Covid PCR tests are not cheap), mandated “in country” health insurance, quarantine and medical evacuation insurance – and random border closures or other restrictions. For some countries, these costs come to $15 to $50 per person per day of travel there.

While waiting for the nonsense to clear, I am doing excessive preparation for future travel – and will likely be the most prepared first time international traveler in history.


  • I am studying two languages.
  • I am reading history books about possible future destinations.
  • Am studying international business approaches.
  • I am watching others’ travels via Youtube and Instagram.

And much more.

I thought that for the two other older adults lacking in travel experience, I would document what I am learning for their benefit.

Check out the new blog. Perhaps some day it will describe actual trips.

By EdwardM