Source: Muriel Lezak, Portland’s pioneering neuropsychologist and brain-injury expert, dies at 94 –

Having dealt with a 5″ skull fracture, and multiple additional knock out blows that in two cases, broke bike helmets and other bones, I greatly appreciate the field of neuropsychology.

Unfortunately, “in the old days”, brain injuries were usually ignored. When I fractured my skull at age 11 1/2, my head was not even x-rayed until five days later – I cannot fathom why the delay.

No one mentioned traumatic brain injury my entire life even though I had shared signs and symptoms with health care providers. Late in life, I stumbled onto a free e-book written by a neuropsychologist – and saw my life on nearly every page. That was the first time I heard of TBI – and this led to a long appointment with my doctor to review my history of head injuries, which in turn led to both medical and neuropsychological treatment to address lingering effects of past brain injuries.

Neuropsychology is an important field – and neuropsychologists are in short supply. They are specially trained to diagnose and development treatment plans for those experiencing head injuries, and will work with other professionals, as needed, to provide the care that is needed.

By EdwardM