Fiegl-Ding’s claim did not age well.

In mid-July, Eric Feigl-Ding, a nutritionist who fashioned himself as an epidemiologist, said the UK’s Covid plans would kill people in this superlative laden social media post.

Here is what actually happened, as of September 18, 2021:

Feigl-Ding is a nutrition scientist (Ph.D.) who plays the role of an MD epidemiologist in promotional videos. While vociferously pushing to have schools in the U.S. closed throughout 2020, he and his family hypocritically and secretly moved to Austria so his son could attend in person school. His scare mongering tweets propelled him to stardom and television celebrity status, even though much of what he says is not correct.

Here is another expert who predicted a calamity:

No one calls out these incorrect predictions for the future. There is no self awareness among public health experts that most of their “super spreader event” projections were wrong. Instead, they keep issuing new ones and the mass media drinks it up, never holding them accountable for their prior prediction failures. Perhaps because the main goal is to keep every one in a heightened state of fear – it sells more eyeballs to advertisers and lets “experts” feel important.

Note on Follow Ups – I have saved many past “predictions” from experts and periodically review the list to check the accuracy of their projections.

For example, Labor Day was projected by numerous “experts” to be another “super spreader event”. But like nearly all past predictions for “super spreader events”, cases have been falling since the beginning of the month. Will likely follow up with the CDC epicurve chart around late September or early October.

By EdwardM