Study in Israel found health care workers are more likely to become infected with Covid-19 in the home, than at work.

This is because no one wears PPE at home.

The researchers suggest that the reason healthcare workers are more likely to be infected at home is because they do not wear protective gear there, and because the chances of becoming infected by someone nearby is greater in the home because it is such a closed environment where people are in close proximity.

Source: Survey shows healthcare workers more likely to get COVID-19 at home

This has always been the weak link in the chain: no one wears PPE at home.

The solution would be to always wear an N95 at home 24×7. But in the real world, that is not going to happen.

In mid-2020, when states were releasing contact tracing info, around 60+% of cases were traced to home settings – not the work place, not grocery stores, not transit. To be fair, this tracing might also be because it was easier to trace a contact to a home location than to other settings.

“Leakage” is the term I am using to describe why many mitigation measures do not work. Most mitigations have weak links in the chain. You can be great about wearing an N95, properly, at work, but then use a cloth facial covering (near useless) when you are off work but in groups. Or not do anything when inside your home with family members.

All mitigations have “leakage”. Even the much vaunted mask only delays the onset of disease. Eventually, “leakage” in measures takes place and we all either get sick, get vaccinated, or both.