Yesterday, I completed a long cross country driving trip. On the last day, we encountered a restaurant that had just gone out of business, other restaurants that are back to “take out only” (which is not helpful when you also need to use the restroom), and a well known ice cream place had a sign on the window saying “Our ice cream machines are broken”. I then walked to a nearby espresso stand, which had a sign in the window apologizing for being out of stock of many items, and being short staffed.

3 of the hotels we stayed out that boast “Free Hot Breakfast” did not have any hot breakfast, only some packaged sugar coated things, claiming “Covid” or “supply shortages”.

After the long trip, today I visited Starbucks to buy coffee beans – but they were out of stock. I then visited a Safeway store – and they have barren shelves again. The toilet paper aisle was down to “half supply” of most items, once again.

Basically, the country is collapsing again.

This time, we are stocking up and hoarding. Last spring, I foolishly listened to the public health “experts” who told us not to stock up – and we did not. Then one month later they said that older persons should indeed stock up and avoid shopping as much as possible. I went to the grocery store and one third of the shelves were barren.

We are now stocking up and hoarding. Not listening to the “experts” anymore – they were wrong last time.

By EdwardM