The level of idiocy in the country is amazing.

Last spring you could download the PDF file from official government public health web sites and print them yourself. You can still do that, although the public health idiots eventually removed the PDF files from their own web sites. The file remains widely available if you look around. I even have a JPG image of the card on this blog.

Update: I still have the PDF file I downloaded from an official public health web site run by the government.

Now we have major police operations stopping fake cards that anyone can still print out for themselves because public health in the U.S. never developed a verifiable, authenticated vaccination record.

Quack, quack, quack.

The idiocy and incompetence on display is stunning. Today, Sen. Schumer acknowledged publicly that he too is a moron, calling for a Federal crackdown on distribution of fake cards – literally, the ones printed out from PDF files the government itself was making available. Rather than a federal crackdown that accomplished nothing, how about defining a verifiable, authenticated vaccine record?

Source: Counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards bound for New Orleans seized by U.S. Customs | Crime/Police |

By EdwardM