May 4, 2021 – after Delta variant cases increase in India:

The United States is closing off non-essential travel from India Tuesday in a bid to avoid a spike in COVID-19 infections at home as India deals with an unprecedented outbreak.

Source: US begins ban on travel from India | NewsNation Now

July 7, 2021:

In the Midwest, the variant is linked with up to 80% of new cases.

Source: Half of a New U.S. Covid Cases Now Tied to Delta Variant, CDC says

Most NPIs do not work, did not work in the past, but the experts keep pushing them again and again hoping for a different outcome.

As this is written, daily new positive test “cases” in the UK have risen very sharply since June 1st – yet the UK is still in a highly restrictive lock down. If NPIs were working, this should not be happening.