Back around Memorial Day, the “experts” predicted yet another “surge in new cases”:  Follow up in mid June: Post holiday spike in cases? | Coldstreams Business and Tech

What actually happened – the magenta line marks May 31. For the next 5 weeks, cases continued to drop. The experts have repeatedly yelled at us about “Super spreader events” that were not. They’ve been wrong about everything, over and over again.

My local hospital district said hospitalizations were going to “surge” in 1 to 2 weeks after the Memorial Day weekend.

What actually happened (and Hospital beds in use were over 40 on the day they made that claim – my chart begins right after that).

The pandemic experts were wrong.

They’ve cried Wolf so many times that no one believes anything they say anymore. They have vaporized their own credibility.

If you’ve noticed this and are not “a believer”, that’s your fault, you imbecile. You just don’t understand this complex stuff. I admit it: I am a brain injured idiot and I can’t make sense out of this.

By EdwardM