I was looking in to some travel options for the Fall of 2021. But with the continued public health confusion on restrictions and requirements, I have now canceled all of those plans and postponed into mid-2022.

For example, traveling to Hawaii requires a pre-travel negative Covid-19 test, even if fully vaccinated.

There are only two vendors in the area that are authorized by Hawaii to do the tests. I’d have to drive about 20 miles to another town, spend $120 to purchase each Covid test kit, return home, and then schedule an online video appointment where I would be observed sampling my nose. Afterwards, I would then have to drive to a UPS facility to send the sample for PCR testing, and wait for the results. All this has to be done 72 hours before travel.

Alternatively, there are a few options to do the tests at airports – which appear to cost about $220 per person – and which may result in quarantining at the destination (at additional costs) until the test results are available.

Do some people get these tests for free? I looked online and see that Kaiser Health Plan members can get all Covid tests, including travel tests, for free.

Is this how it is for most people?

Only some of us are screwed? I don’t know – this is all a mystery to me and would like to hear from others as to how they are handling this.

For an American to travel to the UK, you need to have a pre-flight test, a second test upon arrival, and a third test 5-7 days after arriving. You then need a 4th test before arriving back to the U.S. Even if fully vaccinated[1] The costs of this seem to be on the order of $500 to $900 per person – which is quite prohibitive.

But may be most people get these for free? Anyone?

UPDATE: I contacted my insurer and I am positively stunned – they cover pre-travel required Covid-19 tests at 100%, no deductible, as long as I use a preferred provider.

[1] Once again, the public health “experts” are making it abundantly clear they do not believe vaccines work, at all.

By EdwardM