“The fact is that bicycling leads to the highest number of ER visits for traumatic brain injury in the U.S.,” he said.

The threat to adults is especially dire.”With an increasing number of adults commuting to work in both urban and rural settings combined with escalating congestion in bike lanes, the potential for not just TBIs but multi-system trauma is the reality,” Glatter said. There’s the “potential for serious and life-threatening chest and abdominal injuries, including long bone, pelvic and rib fractures,” he added.

Source: Bike-linked head injuries plummet for kids, but not adults – UPI.com

The article goes on to note that many people have taken up cycling as adults, plus many are now riding e-bikes, where the injuries seem to be worse.

I suffered a fractured skull (5″ long) in a bike crash (due to a pot hole around a turn), and two knock out blows in separate crashes that broke my bike helmet and broke other bones. One of these two was a road way hazard and the other was on a large group ride were the group made a legal, free right hand turn, but the group was struck by a city bus turning from the opposite direction, throwing me off the roadway. (Two additional knock out blows occurred in falls.)

Under the advice of doctors, I no longer ride a bicycle.

I am not kidding when I write that I am a brain injured idiot.

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