Incredibly, this comes AFTER they said that fully vaccinated people may meet together indoors. It took a few weeks to add this for outdoors.

Lacking supporting evidence, they still recommend everyone wear a random assortment of masks – except the only one shown to work, N95s – when in outdoor situations when many people are present.

Which implies that vaccines do not work?

This is terrible public health messaging on vaccines. It’s so bad that few people will follow it, in case anyone is still listening to public health inchorent messaging.

Even an infectious disease MD and epidemiologist is going to ignore the nonsense recommendation from the CDC:

Because this is not how the outdoor environment works for viral spread. The outdoor dilution cuts risk by thousands of times.

In her thread, above, she goes on to note that the only reason to wear a mask outdoors in larger groups is to be polite – IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DISEASE SUPPRESSION. We’ve gone from face masks don’t work, may be random bits of cloth stop droplets, to its actually airborne and you probably need two masks or N95 masks, to now, wear a mask as a polite fashion statement. The public health messaging is not a joke – it is a disaster zone.

Of course, as many have noted, the President emphasizes the need to wear masks while on zoom calls, because that makes sense – it’s about “messages”.