Having gotten my first MMR vaccine a week ago, over age 60, aren’t I the timely one ahead of the curve?

It’s imperative, as Durrheim and other medical specialists recently argued, that countries put an emphasis on “catch-up” measles vaccinations, even as they roll out Covid vaccines.


Source: Measles Has an Opening for a Devastating Comeback

Crappy lifetime health care never brought this up. All I knew was a verbal comment from my Mom that I had measles around age 3. I finally had serology test run about 10 days ago – I had measles but no immunity to rubella it said. So last Tuesday, I was finally received the MMR vaccine I should have been given decades ago.

This is a bizarre mystery to me – ALL of my peer group, including me, had most of the “childhood diseases”- but were still vaccinated, sometimes twice!

By EdwardM