Unfortunately, I know this all too well – very sorry she had to endure this:

“2 years ago in March I suffered a traumatic brain injury I didn’t tell you guys about. I was at a restaurant in lower Manhattan (which shall remain nameless bc accidents happen) and while sitting in a banquet had one of the swinging kitchen doors fall off it’s hinges and on to my head,” Lo wrote. “I was in the hospital and suffered a moderate to severe concussion for months. I took weeks off work and the road to recovery was long. I remember visiting a friend a few weeks later and feeling totally lost on 3rd avenue and 21st street, not knowing which direction to walk in.”

Source: The Hills’ Lo Bosworth Recalls “Traumatic Brain Injury” – E! Online

I guess this goes with the next post about the delay in my getting an MMR vaccination. When I was 11 1/2 my bicycle’s front wheel hit a small pothole on the way home from school. I was apparently thrown over the handlebars, landing on the back of my head, and knocked unconscious for an extended period. I suffered a 5″ long skull fracture along the left side of my head.

My treatment? The doctor made an appointment for me to get an X-ray – FIVE DAYS LATER. What was he thinking? In retrospect, that is malpractice. I became nauseous and began vomiting; I ws unstable, unable to eat or walk for a few weeks. Today, such patients would be hospitalized. I was kept at home, in bed.

When I write that I am a brain injured idiot, I am not being facetious. I had 4 additional knockout blows with symptoms similar to those described above, plus many more.

By EdwardM