I drive a 2015 Honda Fit and love it; in fact its the 2nd Honda Fit that I own. Unfortunately, auto makers have decided Americans only want large SUVs. Some, like Ford, are mostly ending small cars for the U.S.  General Motors also announced it will focus on trucks and large SUVs.

The rise of the sport utility vehicle in America has also led to the rise of the SUV tire, which is often pricier than a tire for the smaller wheels historically found on passenger cars such as sedans.

Source: Why people are paying more for tires

Volkswagen launched the ID.3 electric vehicle – but refuses to sell it in North America. As they put it, it would compete directly with the Honda Fit – and that compact car market in the U.S. is now too small a segment.

So they launched the ID.4 – a mid-size SUV – for the North American market.

As the article points out, large vehicles have large prices – not just for the vehicle but for maintenance items like tires, which cost more.

This seems to follow the trend of wanting fewer customers paying more money. Many business groups seem in a position to force this on the market, too. Whether it be travel, Disneyland or vehicles – all of us will be paying more money by force, not by choice.

And of course, trillions in Federal money printing will devalue our dollars. Watch for higher prices in the years to come.

By EdwardM