Many governments and organizations are seeking to turn tourism in a post pandemic world into an elites-only experience. Many have said they want fewer tourists who are more upscale and seeking luxury amenities, spending more time and spending more money.

They want cheap tourism to end – tourism, you see, should not be for the masses but should return to days past when only the wealthy could travel.

Disney has adopted the same strategy – reducing access while raising prices. Their goal is fewer “guests” – with each spending hundreds of dollars per day per visitor.

This seems an unfortunate direction for so many organizations to be taking.

Daniel Boorstein, in his 1961 book, “The Image” argued that travel – even then – had become too easy and anyone could do it. Travel was better, he though, when it was more exclusive. So here we are, full circle – with an entire world making travel available only to the rich.

(And just wait ’til you see what carbon taxes do to the costs of travel. John Kerry will still be flying his private jet around the world but you’ll still be in de facto lock down, unable to travel cross country!)

Source: When Disneyland reopens, it’s going to have even more of a privilege problem

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