As I discovered, and informed my state’s public health office about, the time shifting of death reports had incorrectly moved peaked deaths from Dec 9th into January. The state agreed with my analysis.

Now, the Covid Tracking Project has spotted how this problem impacts positivity test rate calculations:

Although they’re “working” in the sense that data is flowing through them, these systems are prone to inconsistencies and omissions—which means that some of the data governments use to make highly consequential policy decisions is deeply flawed. 

Source: Analysis & updates | Silent Data Mismatches Are Compromising Key COVID-19 Indicators | The COVID Tracking Project

Their reporting confirms what a brain injured idiot figured out last December. The time shifting of data due to its delays in the reporting structures results in the production of false epidemiological metrics.

If a brain injured idiot could figure this out, what does that say about public health epidemic managers that failed to figure this out?

Epidemiology has the accuracy of astrology with the honesty of alchemy. 

By EdwardM