Does this mean the CDC is saying that face masks did not work to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as cases exploded since then?

Despite President Trump’s very public resistance to mask-wearing for much of this year, a newly released survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that a vast majority of Americans of all ages have been wearing face coverings since April.


For example, Pew Research reported in August that 85 percent of 13,200 adults they surveyed said they wore masks in stores, up from 65 percent in June.

Source: Most Americans have been wearing masks since spring, the C.D.C. says. – The New York Times

COVIDcast from CMU estimates 90% in my state since September, reaching 95% in November.

I’m so old, I remember last August when the CDC Director said if just 95% of Americans wore face masks, this pandemic would over with in weeks.

We’ve now done the experiment – and cases exploded in number, an order of magnitude greater in some cases.

FYI I am heretic for asking why face masks are not working. As best I can tell, it is apparently against local, state and Federal law to note this discrepancy, will get me suspended on Twitter and Facebook, and canceled everywhere else.

Heh – this “fact check” about whether face masks work or not seems to prove the opposite of the headline … read the whole thing.