Global area burned 2003-2015, chart from NASA, based on satellite monitoring. Their data only goes up through 2015.

Source: Researchers Detect a Global Drop in Fires

U.S. historical fires, from the National Interagency Fire Center

It is odd that the fires in California and Oregon are caused solely by global climate change while this is not happening, per NASA, everywhere else.

For going to facts and data, as I always do, I will be called a denier, a Nazi and probably canceled. Even though I have not denied climate change and

  • I have invested large sums in a super insulated and sealed solar PV powered house
  • heated by locally sourced wood (which the UN and NASA call climate neutral),
  • And have carbon emissions just 1/4 that of the typical American house

in today’s perpetual culture of outrage, if the data does not agree 100% with your beliefs (facts do not matter) – then I must be canceled immediately as I am obviously a climate denier!

As I wrote a few days ago, the western wildfires are a multi-variable problem, not a single variable. A lot of people have jumped on their ideological ponies to push that the problem is exclusively climate change or exclusively forest management or “forest raking” (what is that?). It is not any one of those – it is a multi-variable problem.

What is the climate control knob you could have adjusted 5 years ago to prevent the regional fires in California and Oregon?

My fear – and it is a real fear – is we will pour trillions of dollars into climate solutions, much of which will likely not work to control climate or fires – and our local forests will still be burning for the remainder of my life.

Because our faux leadership of both major political parties would rather fight ideological battles than actually stop fires. They only care about keeping you emotionally riled up – they don’t give a shit for solving real problems.

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