Self driving cars have trouble with unpredictable pedestrians and cyclists

I imagine at some point they will propose requiring pedestrians and cyclists to carry a remote ID transponder, sending precise location, speed and direction of travel information to automated cars and trucks. May be even make it two-way to alert pedestrians to incoming automated vehicles.

Driverless car proponents say there’s one surefire shortcut to getting self-driving cars on the streets sooner: persuade pedestrians to behave less erratically.

Source: No jaywalking! Some self-driving car advocates want to reprogram pedestrians | The Seattle Times

Won’t be long before pedestrians will need to be licensed!

Update – we are close to making this work. The ubiquitous smart phone will become the transponder device. As we travel by foot, our phone will periodically send a data burst on Wi-Fi or perhaps Bluetooth (but range is limited). Children and those not having a smart phone will be required to be accompanied by someone that has a phone or perhaps they will need to have self contained beacon transponder clipped to their clothing.

Don’t laugh. This is exactly how bureaucrats think especially when lobbied by industrial organizations.

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