Newsweek has posted a cover story by Leah McGrath Goodman, claiming to have located the inventor of Bitcoin, publishing a photo of his house and his car license plate.

Goodman ties together weak correlations with one almost fact – saying the individual said “I no longer have any connection” when she allegedly asked him about Bitcoin. But the individual said he was misunderstood, saying his answer was in reference to no longer being involved in engineering, where he had made his career. She fingers Nakamoto because he’s an engineer, knows math, he’s really smart, he might have been out of work during the time bitcoin.pdf was designed, and the original bitcoin.pdf document references saving “disk space” and she says, only old engineers care about disk space.

There are other developments including that a long dormant Bitcoin account used by the inventor (here) came back to life to say Dorian is not the inventor of Bitcoin: BREAKING: Dorian Nakamoto Is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto—Source: Satoshi Nakamoto « Null Byte.

The accused has written many Amazon reviews and filed public comments with local government – and his writing is nothing like the writing of the person who invented Bitcoin. (See for yourself.)

Another person say’s Nick Szabo is probably the inventor of BitcoinOr the inventor may be the Dread Pirate Roberts. The evidence is at least as strong for those conclusions too.

And the reporter forgot her ethics thinking cap.


Disclosure: I have a BS in computer science, an MS in software engineering and an MBA.  I have computer and mathematics skills and have taken graduate courses in cryptography.  I took graduate finance and economics courses in MBA school.  I have a son whose first and middle name are the same as the lead programmer on Bitcoin today (and my son is also an engineer).  I have suspicious hobbies like having a ham radio license, a pilot’s certificate, a hovercraft, and I shoot 3D video. I tinker with electronics.  And I still care about disk space.  I often put two spaces after periods.  I am older than most software developers today.  I often use TOR, pay cash, turn off my cellphone to avoid being tracked and am concerned about our surveillance society.  That’s Newsweek’s evidence trail.  Obviously – OMG, I might be the creator of Bitcoin too!

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