A survey of 4,562 plan purchasers by McKinsey & Co found that 11 percent had no insurance and 89% were switching from an existing plan (presumably due to being eligible for a subsidy) or were replacing a plan that had been canceled due to ObamaCare: Health Exchanges See Little Progress on Uninsured – WSJ.com. Another source suggest 2/3ds were already insured.  It’s likely between 65% to 90% were already insured.

What this means: The #1 goal of the Affordable Care Act was to lower prices charged for medical care; that part already failed. The #2 goal was to provide insurance access for the uninsured; that part is failing so far. The part that has worked so far is a dramatic expansion of Medicaid. If that is all that happens, this could have been done with out forcing the massively frustrating, time wasting and expensive changes on the market place.

FYI Cover Oregon remains non-functional. The State is considering scrapping the entire project and starting over from scratch. 6 of 7 signups are on Medicaid, and the bulk were automatically signed up by virtue of being on other state benefit programs. Medicaid recipients receive 100% free medical care – no monthly premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays, no co-insurance. The majority of privately purchased plans, by comparison, have multi-thousand $ deductibles. Many of the privately insured will find, per NY Times, USA Today and Washington Post, that their deductibles are so high that they will be unable to afford access to health care. About half the US population has less than $800 cash on hand (savings, cash) to cover medical costs that are billed at the rate of about $20 per minute for access to a health care provider.  

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