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Astronomers propose global network of low cost receivers or cell phones #Astronomy #Radio

Astronomers have proposed a global network of radio receivers to search for fast radio bursts. Their concept would use either smart phones and an app listening to a portion of the cellular spectrum allocation, or a low cost device that could be plugged in to the USB port of personal computers. Full paper available at the link. Source: [1701.01475] Searching for giga-Jansky fast radio bursts from the Milky Way with a global array of low-cost...

Seattle photo from University of Washington web site at

University of Washington: upcoming Internet accessible lecture on #IoT #Wearables Technology

Next Thursday at UW CSE or view remotely: UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Computer Science and Engineering COLLOQUIUM SPEAKER:   David Kotz, Dartmouth College TITLE:     Amulet: An Energy-Efficient, Multi-Application Wearable Platform DATE:      Thursday, December 1, 2016 TIME:      3:30pm PLACE:     EEB-105 HOST:      Tadayoshi Kohno ABSTRACT: Wearable technology enables a range of exciting new applications in health, commerce, and beyond. For many important applications, wearables must have battery life measured in...

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