The solution for delivering affordable EVs competitive with gas cars will depend on new battery tech that is not yet available.

on the lower end of things EVs are still considerably more than equivalent gas cars. In Germany, a Volkswagen ID.3 will set you back at least €38,000 meanwhile a well-equipped Golf can be had for €8,000 less. In the US, the Chevy Bolt EUV retails for $28,195 (which may sound pretty affordable but it’s important to note the larger ICE Trailblazer is around $7,000 less).

Source: Honda Exec: Lithium-Ion EVs Will Always Be More Expensive Than Gas Cars

This is – basically – why the government will mandate you purchase an EV that delivers a lower consumer value. The right solution would be to get the tech right rather than ban sale of gas vehicles.

By EdwardM