Today, as much as two-thirds of the potential river inflow never reaches the lake. Consequently, the lake is shrinking. However, it is not climate change, but human water use that’s cutting the Great Salt Lake’s lifeline. Humans take the water and then mutter something about “climate change,” hoping that no one will notice what they’re doing to Utah’s most famous natural symbol.


If human-originated climate change were altering the lake, the average would decline (or rise), but nothing remarkable is found during the entire industrial age, from 1800 to today. Climate change, clearly, is not the main threat to the lake.

Source: Why is the Great Salt Lake shrinking? Not climate change | Opinion – Deseret News

Also, their record snow pack and much precipitation changed a forecast made in March 2023 that the lake would soon die, to, “Oh never mind”. Yes, they canceled the death sentence about 4 weeks after it was made. That would be good news!