Many people focus on negativity, gloom and doom. We see this in many communities, especially online:

– those who talk about the economy are non-stop gloom and doom

– those who talk about the environment are non-stop gloom and doom, we are all going to die; there is rarely discussion of realistic assessments and for actual problems, rarely are there workable solutions proposed.

– AI is going to put everyone out of work, AI will be exploited to take control over everyone’s life, etc

As a commenter notes, through media we have achieved the gamification of disaster and doom – doom sells eyeballs to advertisers. As I note on my Social Panic blog, viewers who are emotionally engaged are more susceptible to advertising messages. This is why the media focuses on negativity. Social media acts as an amplifier of that negativity. The effect, of course, is we all see only negativity – and soon our brains become wired for negativity.

As Kyla Scanlon writes, we become what we are – when we focus on negativity, that becomes our world view.

Source: The Art of the Doomer – by kyla scanlon – kyla’s Newsletter

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