It all started when UCLA professor and fellow lawyer Eugene Volokh asked ChatGPT if sexual harassment was a problem in American law schools and to provide at least 5 examples and quotes from relevant articles. What’s scary about the response is that not only did ChatGPT name Turley as a sex offender but also provided details as well as quotations from newspaper articles that don’t even exist. T


The fabricated Washington Post quote states Turley was a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, a faculty that Turley has never taught at, in addition to the fact that he hasn’t been to Alaska on any school trips and has never been accused of sexual misconduct by anyone.

Source: ChatGPT makes false sexual allegations – Sify

Another problem of errors and bias in AI:

An example would be the fact that while ChatGPT will gladly make jokes about men, jokes about women are deemed derogatory and demeaning. Similarly, while jokes about Christianity or Hinduism are acceptable, jokes about Islam are not, leading a lot of people to believe ChatGPT reflects heavily on the bias of its developers.