Most of my Gen Z peers actually fall somewhere in between, advocating for work-life balance and professional growth, including climbing the corporate ranks. But those teens and 20-somethings are being left out of conversations about Gen Z’s rise in the workforce, and that’s creating a gross misunderstanding of what this generation is all about.

And I think they have the right idea:

“Gen Z’s greater picture is they understand there is more to their identity and life than work,” Anna Carlson, a Gen Z employee at a multimedia company, said, adding that she embraces work-life balance in order to fulfill aspects of her life outside the corporate setting.

Source: Gen Z Stereotypes That Need to Stop Now

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Regarding this next item, we need to remember that they are looking at a snap shot in time today:

But with a strained economy scaring many of us into thinking we’ll never be able to afford homes,

Reminder: In 1980, the average inflation rate for that year was 13.5%, average 30-year mortgage rate was 11.5%, unemployment was 7.2%, and housing inflation (15% YoY) was the highest history and remains an unbroken record today. Interest rates would peak at 16-18%.