Climate compliance: No More Cheap Flights Is the New Reality for Air Travel – Bloomberg

Way down in this link is an item saying “Quadruple-digit plane tickets are about to become the new reality for the air travel industry”.

Per the first link, carbon credit prices for airlines will likely start rising in 2024 and potentially skyrocket in 2026, doubling airline “carbon costs”. The costs will climb so high, it says, that ticket prices will have to go much higher. To comply, the easiest method is to curtail the number of flights, which will be accomplished by mandated carbon credits and higher prices.

There is a UK proposal for a “frequent flyer levy”, the proceeds of which would somehow be used for “decarbonizing the sector”. The article suggests we should use rail, although the high-speed rail link from Los Angeles to Honolulu will be interesting …

But one thing is for certain: It’s going to be a very expensive, challenging few decades.

I have read some “experts” say we need to largely ban air travel for the next several decades, perhaps until 2050, when new tech is available. Swell. I’ll be dead by then.

The de facto solution to climate is pseudo-climate lockdowns, which worked perfectly to stop Covid in its tracks.

Update: Academics from the UK propose to ban ALL air travel for years, perhaps decades. A moment’s thought: that would mean no jobs for flight crews and aeronautical engineers. Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, etc, would be wiped out and disappear. Restarting this industry from scratch would take decades to train new engineers and then eventually flight crews. The academic’s prescription would cause vastly, vastly, vastly more harm than benefits of destroying aviation, which contributes may be 2+% of global green house gases. The same academics also propose banning cement, beef, lamb and most travel of any type.

Other academics say we must ban farming of poultry animals too.

The technocrats will ensure you are locked down at home, eating vegetarian. If you are allergic to nut proteins (like me), it just sucks to be you and you’ll have to eat insects.