Still out sick: Out sick – Coldstreams Skeptic

Yesterday started out much better but late in the afternoon my fever shot up to 102.5, dropped to 101 by 1 am, and then into the 99s by morning. This has not been fun. I feel like a tornado blew through, flattening everything and leaving me weak and tired.

Sunday update: It looks to be a gall bladder issue. Blood tests will be done Monday and waiting for an ultrasound schedule later in the week. Unbelievably fatigued.  If this gets confirm, it may explain why I had non A, non B, non C hepatitis one year ago (almost to the week) – a gall bladder problem can lead to hepatitis (liver). In other words, this problem has been lurking for a long time (various mild symptoms over a period of years). Better to catch it now, obviously.