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The “emergency” is a unilateral declaration of public health – and is not supported by democratic processes such as votes or administrative procedures.

Many of us learned – the painful way – that public health does not believe in democracy, laws or the Constitution (see the link at right on rules overturned by Courts). They believe in autocratic rule by technocratic elite, devoid of democracy.

Look at their “DEMANDS” – no one can ever be evicted for any reason, such as non-payment of rent, engaging in illegal drug distribution, or setting fire to the property. I mention those because I witnessed each of those activities in my former neighborhood – including next door. Pre-Covid, those actions led to evictions. People’s CDC would ban these evictions.

People’s CDC is a straight up Marxist group that is largely ignored. By the way, how do people at constructions sites do remote work? How about truck drivers delivering food and supplies to your city? How about health care workers? How about fire fighters?

This is a group of coddled socialists that want to continue outsourcing their risks to others – while they sit at home in their sweat pants pretending to do useful work while sitting at their notebook computer.

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