Producer Dana White has turned traumatic brain injuries into a for profit entertainment stream, broadcast by disgusting Warner Bros/TBS.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White has created a new brutal sport: Power Slap League. In this “sport”, contestants (men and women) slap each other as hard as they can in the head. A winner is decided by judges after three rounds.

This latest violent sport, licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, focuses on slapping the head, with defence expressly forbidden. Competitors are not allowed to move in ways that might blunt the force of the oncoming slap, such as by raising their shoulder, tucking their chin or rolling with the slap. They have to have their hands behind their back while being slapped.

Video footage shows some contestants twitching on the ground after being slapped unconscious. And one female fighter crashed into the podium after being severely concussed.

Watch the video for yourself but be warned it left me physically shaking:

Comments From Others

There is nothing entertaining or sportsman-like about this atrocity. Dana White is a jerk for encouraging the sport of knocking people out. This leads nowhere good. Particularly once young people think it is sport to knock out random people, and falsely believe that being knocked out is no big deal.

This is not a sport – in a sport, contestants demonstrate skillful give and take. In Power Slap, one individual stands, with their hands behind their back, while the other is given 30 seconds to knock him or her out with a violent blow to their brain.

A Polish “slap” fighter has already died in this type of competition. Many people have died from “mere slaps” on the face, as described in this news report. Vastly more will suffer temporary or permanent brain damage.

White’s Power Slap trivializes brain injuries as no big deal.

Dana White and show President Frank Lamicellahas have to be among the dumbest, stupidest idiots on the planet to conceive of this. The doctor and other medical staff who take part in these events are enabling this violent behavior and should lose their licenses. And finally, the entire Nevada Athletic Commision that approved this fake “sport” must be replaced.

Or better – why not knock out each of these assholes, in the head with permanent brain damage? They assure us there is nothing to be concerned with so why don’t they do this to themselves?

Related: Dana White and his wife caught on video assaulting each other. There is nothing good from this.

There is nothing entertaining about this. I could only watch seconds of White’s video and was left seething with anger – and physically shaking. White’s bull shit trains the public to think being knocked out is no big deal, even funny.

Having had a 5-inch (12+ cm) skull fracture/brain bleed/moderate TBI and 5 concussions with mild TBI, I should not even be alive:

The researchers found that people who reported three or more concussions had significantly worse cognitive function; those who had four or more mild concussion episodes also showed worsened processing speed and working memory. Each additional reported concussion was linked to progressively worse cognitive function. Attention and completion of complex tasks were particularly affected. It also found that having just one moderate-to-severe concussion, or traumatic brain injury, can have a long-term impact on brain function, including memory.

Three doctors and one neuropsychologist have said to me, in various wording, but here quoting a doctor in 2022, “you are a literal miracle” to have done so well.

After seeing this and seeing what a jerk Dana White is, I now favor a complete ban on boxing and fake wrestling. Neither sport has any redeeming social value – none at all.

Update: Russian hard men risk brain injuries as they take part in brutal SLAPPING contests to prove who’s the toughest | The Sun

That’s where this bull shit competition began. Russia is a backwards country, apparently, and those who volunteer to participate in this nonsense are dimwitted, so, the promoters think their potential loss of life is no big deal?

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