I am currently reading Superabundance. The authors point out that by virtually every measure you can come up with, we are doing much better than at any time in the past. That’s a fact.

The author’s also say that at even given time in the past, there was always a major focus on how the near future was going to be worse, “The end is near”. This has gone on through human history. They devote an entire chapter to the negative outlooks that seem to inhabit humanity – even though it is wrong.

Against this backdrop comes Bill Gates comment that it is “‘Better to be born 20 years from now…than any time in the past’”, which is true today and true in the past.

For many reasons, many people seem intent on always assuming the future will be worse and conjuring up mega threats and frightening scenarios.

The negativity is overpowering – and leads to a seemingly constant expansion of the percent of the population that lives in fear and anxiety. And this fear mongering is unnecessary and counter productiv.e

But it seems effective to sell news and political ideologies regardless of the damage it causes.

See Bill Gates is ‘very optimistic’ about future of Earth, humanity (cnbc.com)