According to, a website that monitors the posted salary ranges of tech companies, tech companies with positions available in California are currently paying software engineers between $135,000 and $202,000 — a healthy chunk of change even in the pricey Bay Area.

The San Francisco Bay Area tech company paying software engineers the best is Google, with a pay range of $174,000 to $276,000 for Android or Google Cloud engineers.

Source: The best-paying San Francisco Bay Area tech companies hiring

If you think the pay is high, consider the prices of homes:

Median Home Prices

  • Mountain View, CA $1.35 million
  • Sunnyvale, $1.68 million
  • Santa Clara, $1.5 million
  • San Francisco, $1.35 million
  • Palo Alto, $2.77 million
  • Fremont, $1.3 million

Most of the housing stock was built post World War II and is now 50-70 years old.

California also has amongst the highest taxes in the nation.